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“For us, our most important stakeholder is not our stockholders, it is our customers. We’re in business to serve the needs and desires of our core customer base.” ~ John Mackey

Reduce IPTV Payback by a Year

IPTV business case keeping your CFO up at night? Inquire how our products can nix a year from its lengthy payback period.


Keep it locked here for more on this progressive Service Provider driven network architecture offering simplicity, better manageability, security, support and – lower cost CPE.

Put Your TV Anywhere!

Rejoice! Subscribers aren’t tethered to wires anymore with AirSonics. Now they can place their TVs anywhere in the home - even outside.

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With 300,000 video bridges field-deployed, AirSonics is a leader and preferred vendor with over 100 IPTV providers across North America.


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An 11ac Upgrade for Your Subscribers?

Are they drones? Maybe alien spaceships? Perhaps leaked classified information of the military’s forthcoming stealth fighters?
Actually, this is the latest in retail 11ac wireless router technology. Much to the chagrin of their spouses, your subscribers are paying upwards of $300 at retail venues just to get the latest 11ac Wi-Fi capability. Similar to selecting a Ferrari when the goal is buying a convertible, spending $300 for a second router in the home is overkill just to get 11ac.
Your IT people know the caveats of installing an additional router behind your existing BSP supplied router, and chances are pretty high that you’ll end up getting an installation support and troubleshooting call too. 
What if …
… your company took the initiative of offering subscribers a managed 11ac upgrade for a nominal monthly fee? Recognizing that 11ac only touches the 5 GHz frequency, AirSonics designed the GXT 5G to complement the existing 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi router in place by simply connecting to one of its LAN ports. 
As 5 GHz coverage in a typical home is roughly half that of 2.4 GHz, AirSonics implemented BWaVE™, an innovative distributed AP architecture which can canvass just about any home in Wi-Fi blanket.  Generating attractive new monthly recurring revenue at a payback well under a year, an 11ac upgrade service offers additional subscriber stickiness while elevating your company’s perception of being the local “go to” technical solutions source. 
The GXT 5G also connects IP Set Top Boxes wirelessly while shaving a year from the lengthy IPTV payback period and can remove the Gigabit Internet in-home bandwidth bottleneck as well. 
Contact AirSonics or one of our distributors for details before your subscribers march down the retail 11ac upgrade path.