Air 4930

Total-Home Mesh Managed Wi-Fi

Bandwidth Hungry 4K Streaming, Virtual Reality Headsets, or Delay-sensitive Gaming?

AirTies has you covered with the Air 4930 4x4 delivering unsurpassed performance and wall-to-wall Wi-Fi in any home

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Air 4930 Data Sheet

For the 411 on Managed Wi-Fi mesh, remote management, and AirSonics SelFi app benefits, click below

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Real Mesh vs Tree Topologies

OTT video and the Internet of Things (IoT) are fueling an in-home device explosion which mandates multiple APs for Total-home coverage

Two multi-AP approaches exist: (1) a tree topology where passive APs each connect to a common gateway, and (2) Real Mesh where intelligent APs connect and communicate with each other as peers. At the onset of the mesh gold rush, numerous vendors rushed to market with problematic tree topologies disguised as mesh. Common side effects of these mesh wannabes are video streaming disruptions and poor channel selection. As AirTies APs constantly communicate in a distributed intelligent architecture, subscribers can stream and roam anywhere in the home. Our Real Mesh exponentially reduces device disconnects and interference while our least-cost path approach results in superior peer-to-peer performance.

Air 4930 from AirSonics
Air 4930 from AirSonics

Dynamic Client-Steering, QoS, and MU-MIMO

As the premier Wi-Fi troubleshooting and diagnostics tool, RemoteManager’s proactive and holistic approach redefines customer support resulting in an 50% reduction in truck rolls.

Driven by the meteoric rise of IoT and consumer electronics devices, subscriber device management and security challenges has opened the floodgates to the BSP Managed Services opportunity. The local and dynamic intelligence of the Air 4930 combined with the cloud-based, scalable, and evergreen RemoteManager results in the premier BSP Enhanced Service Delivery Engine.

User Friendly iOS and Android Customer Apps

Tech-savvy or tech-averse, your customers can take command of their network with the easy to use AirSonics SelFi app.

Home or away, subscribers can quickly change their password, prioritize devices, test consumer device Wi-Fi speed, add a guest network, or quickly view network topology and connected devices to see who’s on your network. Profile-based parental controls will keep teens in line when you’re not around and when you are, instantly get your family’s undivided attention with Wi-Fi Pause. The QR code-based Air 4930 combined the AirSonics SelFi app empowers subscribers a DIY self-install.

StratiFi™ 4930 from AirSonics
StratiFi™ 4930 from AirSonics

Support reinvented: Proactive Zero Dispatch vs Reactive Truck Rolls

Though TR-069 Auto Configuration Servers (ACS) are useful for remotely managing Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), they are ill-equipped to undertake Wi-Fi’s demanding network assessment requirements.

The end result – a reactionary approach to fielding disgruntled customer service trouble calls – half of which lead to costly truck rolls. RemoteManager’s extensive suite of visually based troubleshooting and diagnostics data combined with comprehensive diagnostics empowers BSPs to identify issues early, usually before subscribers notice. BSPs can remotely resolve issues with Live View, Live Controls, and handy Fix It buttons. Whether remotely scanning the home RF spectrum for interference, or evaluating connection time, signal quality, or data usage of ANY client device over one week, RemoteManager delivers invaluable information in a graphical, friendly format. With RemoteManager, Tech Support agents can now focus their efforts on preventative maintenance rather than reactionary fire drills.

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