A set of applications that allows CSPs to truly see their networks for the first time

To meet the needs of ever-evolving Smart Homes and Small Businesses, Plume elevates personalization and performance with Haystack, our Network Operations Center (NOC) suite of tools. Displaying end-to-end visibility of your entire network, Haystack’s apps identify issues in real-time, offers intuitive tools to troubleshoot issues, and leverages AI to proactively resolve subscriber issues.

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Expands tier 1, 2 & 3 support options to increase customer satisfaction

A comprehensive set of tools and dashboards designed for Customer and Tech Support agents, Frontline displays instant network health status and offers recommendations for first-call resolution. This instinctive NOC tool details the QoE for each device in the network and conveys unique insights into subscriber pain points empowering BSPs with substantially better control over the customer experience. Support reps can now go back in time to recreate events and better understand what caused them with the innovative Time Machine while other apps streamline feature enablement, customer controls, and lifecycle management. 

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Delivers intuitive, remote network visibility to drastically cut down on truck rolls

Ops Analytics gives active test injection tools for real-time network troubleshooting and diagnosis, while a graphical representation of deep network insights gives you the ability to debug issues instantly. With Panorama, you can track KPIs targeting customer growth, service adoption, and marketing campaign effectiveness. Network operations monitoring visualizations provide status and trend analysis of mission-critical functions of the Plume Cloud, and the API development center aids in customer lifecycle management integration with backend systems.

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An AI-powered proactive monitoring tool that alerts, predicts, and resolves subscriber issues autonomously

A Network Monitoring feature that analyzes the service performance of your subscribers’ networks, Signal identifies issues needing quick attention before escalating into trouble calls. As opposed to the subscriber experience taking a hit, inform your customers in advance of any planned outages or service interruptions with Proactive Alerting. Resolve allows you to take a pre-emptive approach mitigating truck rolls and trouble calls by sending autonomous self-help tips to assist in subscriber-driven issue resolution. 

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