Best In Class Smart Home Services

HomePass features a dynamic Smart Home Services suite that constantly optimizes, adapts, and adds features for the connected home. Leveraging Bluetooth and an intuitive 4.7+ rated BSP branded app, 95+% of all subscribers successfully install their own Plume networks.

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The all-inclusive Smart Home command center


The first and only self-optimizing whole-home Wi-Fi technology

Leverage Plume’s patented AI to deliver flawless connectivity for all device types in any environment. Your Subscribers can readily check their CPE device health and even Advanced Settings are made simple and manageable. Industry-leading device profiling ensures matchless performance and an elevated user experience.

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Empowers subscribers to personalize and manage access to their network

Whether establishing healthy access and usage boundaries via instinctive Parental control tools, setting password-based Admin, family, or guest access, or a setting a dependable 24x7 content manager to filter and block unwanted websites, Plume puts you in CONTROL.



Create a connected homes safe-haven using advanced security features that get smarter over time

Leverage a real-time threat database to ensure online protection from malicious content, IoT anomaly detection, plus device quarantine, intrusion detection, and outside threat blocking.

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Offers total home awareness and peace of mind for subscribers

Plume transforms subscriber devices into motion sensors to detect movement and offer peace-of-mind where cameras aren’t welcome. Arming and disarming the system is so last decade as Sense automatically triggers the system based on GPS detection of designated mobile devices. HomePass also enables subscribers to see movement patterns over time.  

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