Next Level Services for Small Business Owners

WorkPass is the first cloud-based, holistic networking solution for Small Business Owners (SBOs) to manage their employees and customers. Delivering enterprise-level features without the complexity and cost, WorkPass offers connectivity, security, and productivity tools which empowers SBOs to harness network and data insights.

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The Perfect Platform to Fuel Small Business Growth


Where flawless adaptive Wi-Fi meets powerful business tools

Intelligent band steering, prioritization, and machine-learned optimization result in Plume’s patented adaptive connectivity which learns, adjusts, and optimizes performance to any environment. SBOs can readily observe Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics for any connected device and can relax knowing an LTE backup option ensures their business continuity. 

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Enterprise-grade security for small business networks

Protect sensitive data with 24x7 AI-defined monitoring and thwart cyber-security threats while automatically blocking malicious content and tracking threats in real-time. Shield scans IoT devices for anomalies and quarantines suspected intrusions before a breach can occur. Secure Connect isolates the network into three separate zones, managing access to devices at the employer, employee, and guest level.

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Convert Wi-Fi data into actionable insights to optimize service and boost margins

SBOs with no technical skills can now setup a branded, dedicated guest network on their mobile device in minutes for network control and bandwidth throttling. Guest Analytics harnesses and tracks valuable metrics such as visit duration and frequency, new and repeat guests, social logins, and data usage. 

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Maximize productivity by keeping employees engaged

Employee Analytics offers a dashboard to establish timecard info, app and data usage, hours worked, future availability, and onboarding to enhance employee engagement. Keycard enables SBOs more time to run their business by facilitating the employee device connection process and setting device approval clearances and content filters to ensure a safer and more productive work environment. 

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Transform indoor motion data into valuable activity intelligence

Collected data on customer density and dwell-time data offers valuable insights to anticipate future demand and ensure optimal staffing while customer flow patterns translate into sounder merchandising and layout decisions. Plume also uses connected Wi-Fi devices for security purposes to alert SBOs of unexpected motion detection during closed hours. 

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