RemoteView Remote Management

RemoteView Remote Management

“The internet is slow”

“I can’t stream at all upstairs”

“Speed tests say I get 35 Mbps on your Gigabit Internet service”

“Netflix constantly buffers on my Roku”

“My laptop was lightning fast yesterday and molasses slow today”

For the past 15 years, finding a needle in a haystack was easier than troubleshooting subscriber Wi-Fi issues. Due to Wi-Fi’s unique and demanding troubleshooting challenges, drawing a line at the modem and stated “it’s not our problem” was the answer for most BSPs. Those adventurous operators attempting to undertake subscriber Wi-Fi issues all too often resorted to rolling a truck to resolve the issue.

While designed for remotely manage CPE devices, a TR-069 ACS is ill-equipped to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve the unique challenges associated with Wi-Fi. To effectively understand and troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues, a BSP needed “eyes” into the subscriber’s premise which possessed comprehensive visibility of each wireless device. After a year-long search, AirSonics found a solution which exceeded our expectations.

The RemoteView management system from AirTies identifies the Wi-Fi characteristics of each connected device and monitors its data usage, connection time, signal quality, and max vs actual bandwidth. RemoteView also identifies and monitors available airtime (a critical Wi-Fi health indicator), troubleshooting events, rogue Access Points, mesh link bandwidth, and a host of other vital Wi-Fi parameters.

To experience the matchless remote management capabilities of the StratiFi 4920, request a RemoteView demo before a disgruntled subscriber drops another Wi-Fi one-liner.