Unrivaled Overall Value

Unrivaled Overall Value

The burgeoning Managed Wi-Fi Services is quite profitable and BSPs are in the ideal position to seize this opportunity. But winning this competitive home networking service race requires a lot more that a world-class Wi-Fi 6 router.

At the very least, a BSP should have the ability to effectively troubleshoot, diagnose, and fix a Wi-Fi related issue without rolling a truck. AirSonics redefines customer service by proactively identifying, troubleshooting, and resolving issues typically before the customer is even aware of it.

With unbridled growth of household devices and the complexity of managing them, subscribers need a means to take control of their Wi-Fi. AirSonics SelFi app empowers subscriber to quickly install, customize, and manage their network from palm-central anywhere an internet connection is available.

Considering Wi-Fi’s lucrative revenue potential and present life span of 3 years, progressive BSPs now decouple the Wi-Fi and service elements from the less volatile physical access network. As it offers the same excellent customer experience over fiber, coax, DSL or wireless, BSPs refer to this emerging product CPE class as AnyAcess. AirSonics’ world-class Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router is a cornerstone of the Managed Services service suite.

But having these 3 crucial components won’t put you in the winner’s circle if the Managed Services total cost blows a gasket. Not just the AnyAccess cost but the investment required for the Cloud-based service management and delivery and customer service support costs as well.

With a watchful eye on your the bottom line, AirSonics delivers the highest value, lowest end-to-end cost Managed Services package available today. 

Unrivaled Overall Wi-Fi Value