What is AnyAccess?

What is AnyAccess?

Just as the latest Wi-Fi standard appears to catch up with consumer demands, the next wave of device and application developments push it past its pay grade. A household device explosion fueled by the Internet of Things (IoT), multi-cast video evolution to Broadband TV, insatiable 4K streaming, and surging online gaming are all pushing 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5) past its limits. With over 100 Wi-Fi 6 Certified products including the iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy, and laptops from HP, Samsung, and Asus, Wi-Fi 6 snuck up on everyone and is already here.

What’s a BSP to do? Didn’t we just finish our Wi-Fi 5 / 11ac CPE upgrade last year?

Meanwhile, after years of deploying multi-purpose CPE devices, BSPs now realize the Swiss Army Knife approach just wasn’t cutting it. Driven by continuously improving Wi-Fi standards and the goal to deliver the same customer experience in any access environment, BSPs now prefer a two device CPE solution.

Aligning with the specific access technology utilized for the home is a basic fiber, DOCSIS, DSL, or broadband media converter. Due to the infrequent changes at hardware at this level, the life cycle of this layer 2 device is typically 5 – 7 years.

As its role for delivering ultra-fast broadband all the way to the consumer’s device cannot be underestimated, world-class Wi-Fi is now the most critical element in a BSPs CPE. Due to continuous performance enhancements, Wi-Fi hardware changes occur more frequently (typically 2 – 3 years) and is now at the epicenter of this layer 3 AnyAccess device.

In addition to the frequent upgrades, the AnyAccess approach offers much more flexibility for the BSP as well. For BSPs adopting the AnyAccess model, upgrading a customer from DSL or coax to fiber would only require a small investment in the layer 2 media converter as the layer 3 AnyAccess device doesn’t change. For customers already experiencing exceptional wall-to-wall AnyAccess Wi-Fi, the only thing that changes for them is the faster speed generating by fiber.

First to market over a decade ago with an enterprise level Wi-Fi product at a residential price, AirTies’ and AirSonics’ Mesh Wi-Fi and Client-Steering expertise puts us in the AnyAccess pole position. Contact your AirSonics rep soon to test drive a MagnaFi 4960R while the race is just heating up.