GXT 9802

Hardwire Beats Powerline and Wireless Hands-down – but it’s a Royal Pain to Install

Leveraging the G.hn standard, the GXT 9802 delivers a fast, low cost, high performance coax alternative for the connected home.

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GXT 9802 Datasheet

Download the datasheet for a breakdown of the key features your subscribers can manage through the app and the benefits it brings to your business.

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Managed Wi-fi's Best Supporting Actor

Delay sensitive gamers, profession speed testers, and monthly terabyte data users are all constantly pushing the envelope of a BSP’s Managed Wi-Fi service.

While industry-leading Mesh-based and Client-Steering products like AirSonics StratiFi and MagnaFi Wi-Fi can deliver Total-home coverage, connecting APs with the GXT 9802 can easily double device throughput and dramatically decrease latency, jitter, and packet loss. The end result – happy customers that never call to complain again.

Managed Wi-fi's Best Supporting Actor
AirSonics 9802 GXT

Connecting Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs)

Quite often, deficient and aging Cat5 or older cabling exists in MDUs (Multiple Dwelling Unit).

Running new Ethernet cable in most MDUs is either impossible, impractical, or unsightly for finnicky consumers. Alongside this problematic and typically unusable transmission medium is untapped coaxial cable in many MDU environments. Installers can now exploit existing coax using GXT 9802 plug-and-play technology to deliver a reliable and secure internet connection.

AirSonics 9802 GXT

Quick Fix for Single Family Units (SFUs)

Many mid-sized and larger single-family units (SFUs) are Wi-Fi challenged with well-publicized dead zones thanks to subscribers using FaceBook as their primary customer support.

Time-constrained while under the mindful supervision of impatient subscribers, installers need a quick and reliable Easy Button for that instant fix. Requiring a reliable connection to Smart TVs, streaming devices, Set Top Boxes (STBs), game consoles, security cameras, and wireless Access Points (APs), field techs don’t have time to run Cat6/7 cable. Fortunately, the coax network provides an excellent medium to connect these devices and provide a convenient and reliable bridge to wireless networks.

AirSonics 9802 GXT

DOCSIS Disclaimer

High capacity throughput up to 1 Gbps and leveraging existing coax cable, the GXT 9802 is an ideal no new wires tool for field techs.

While it is an excellent hardwire option for use in fiber, DSL, and broadband wireless deployments, it is NOT compatible with an active DOCSIS network utilizing the 5 – 200 MHz spectrum.

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