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IPTV business case keeping your CFO up at night? Inquire how our products can nix a year from its lengthy payback period while improving video’s "loss leader" stigma.

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Offer the premier mesh-based, Client-steering, and managed Wi-Fi solution with separate and secure private and public networks for your prized Small Business customers.

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Rejoice! Subscribers aren’t tethered to wires anymore with AirSonics. Now they can place their TVs anywhere in the home - even outside.

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With over 400,000 video bridges field-deployed, AirSonics is a leader and renowned vendor with over 100 IPTV providers across North America.


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Premium Managed Wi-Fi – Turn “Sucks into Bucks”

Are they drones? Maybe alien spaceships? Perhaps leaked classified information of the military’s forthcoming stealth fighters?

Actually, these are the latest in retail 11ac wireless router technology. Much to the chagrin of their spouses, your subscribers are paying upwards of $300 at retail venues in a desperate attempt to resolve Wi-Fi issues. Your IT people know the caveats of installing a 2nd router behind your existing BSP supplied router so the chances are pretty high you’ll end up getting a trouble call for a problem that’s not really yours.

As most subscribers can’t differentiate between Internet and Wi-Fi, your tech support team is the unfortunate and misdirected recipients of the proverbial “your internet sucks” call when the villain is actually Wi-Fi. Is it time to turn the tables?

What if …

… your company took the initiative of transforming this chronic and rapidly growing subscriber issue into a profitable monthly recurring revenue service? With the StratiFi 4920, AirSonics empowers you to take the bull by the horns, control your own destiny, elevate customer satisfaction, dramatically reduce Wi-Fi related truck rolls, generate a compelling monthly recurring revenue, and be the local “go to” technical solutions source.

Employing an intelligent auto-mesh design, the StratiF 4920 eliminates chronic dead spots in any size home or small business. Taking control away from “dumb” Consumer Electronics (CE) devices, the StratiFi 4920 resolves one of Wi-Fi biggest issues by implementing a patented client-steering technology developed by alliance partner AirTies. For the few remaining Wi-Fi challenges, RemoteView provides “eyes” into the subscriber’s home giving unprecedented visibility of each Wi-Fi connected device while delivering key Wi-Fi parameters.

While you’ll generate an attractive monthly recurring revenue, the real hidden gem is a 50% reduction in Wi-Fi related truck rolls. Request a RemoteView demo or purchase a StratiFi 4920 evaluation kit today as a first step in converting your subscribers “sucks into bucks”!