World-class Wi-Fi. Heartland support.

Why AirSonics?

Limitless Wi-Fi services

From cloud to router/AP to SelFi

  • AnyAccess:
    • Agnostic network design + world-class Wi-Fi 6 mesh router
  • RemoteManager:
    • Proactive management + Enhanced Service Delivery Engine
  • AirSonics SelFi app:
    • Subscriber Wi-Fi management control + offload your Help Desk

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If your Wi-Fi Managed Services vendor prioritizes their retail presence, Board of Directors, or exit strategy over you – give us a call. Despite big numbers like being deployed in 30M homes, 250+M connected devices, and 20+ years Wi-Fi experience, 1 has always been the most important number to us – that’s YOU. We hand deliver compelling and cost-effective end-to-end solutions and personal technical support with YOU in mind.