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Advanced IoT protection

For years, BSPs feared crossing the CPE Demark as it posed an endless abyss of customer issues. Managed Wi-Fi forever changed that as the internet now starts with whatever device your customer is using. And their internet reliability expectations are brutally simple – they demand flawless connectivity to every device, everywhere, all the time.

4K video, wandering mobile devices, and always on Internet of Things (IoT) devices quickly found Wi-Fi’s breaking point. And for subscribers, managing the home network along with security anxieties generated by ruthless cyber criminals put it way beyond their paygrade. While most viewed this Pandora’s Box a problem for someone else to solve, Plume eagerly picked up the gauntlet.

Listening to subscriber’s pain points, frustrations, needs, and wish lists, Plume developed a suite of compelling services that delivered on each front. Flawless Wi-Fi, intuitive network access, parental controls, cyber-security, ad-blocking, motion detection – it’s all there. And with Plume’s inherent insight into millions of homes, these services are just the tip of the iceberg.

Plume created a revolutionary new service bundle that puts BSPs in the pole position of the burgeoning Smart Home land grab. Curious about Plume’s Smart Home delivery platform? Click on the Request a Demo button – we’re sure you can find one on our website.

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