Air 4960R

AnyAccess Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router

Navigating the Next Generation Managed Wi-Fi Market can be Tricky without the Right Instruments

Let AirTies be your GPS with their complete Wi-Fi 6 Solution

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Air 4960R Data Sheet

Click below for the extensive subscriber and Broadband Servicie Provider features and benefits of the Air 4960R mesh router and 4960 mesh AP

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BSP Preferred AnyAccess Design

After years of deploying multi-purpose CPE devices, BSPs now realize the Swiss Army Knife approach just wasn’t cutting it.

To deliver the same excellent customer experience over fiber, coax, twisted-pair, or wireless while considering Wi-Fi’s frequent standards revisions, BSPs are quickly adopting the AnyAccess CPE approach. Complimenting a basic fiber, DOCSIS, DSL, or broadband wireless media converter, the key CPE investment has evolved to a best-of-breed, world-class Wi-Fi Router with scalability to offer the next generation of services. With eyes on the burgeoning residential Managed Wi-Fi market, BSPs look towards the Air 4960R Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router as their preferred AnyAccess device.

MagnaFi™ 4960R from AirSonics
MagnaFi™ 4960R from AirSonics

Cloud-based Service Delivery and Management

While Managed Wi-Fi proved to be a successful foray into the residential broadband services market, the next generation of Managed Services appears to be even more promising.

As the premier Wi-Fi troubleshooting and diagnostics tool, RemoteManager’s proactive and holistic approach redefined customer support resulting in an 50% reduction in trouble calls and truck rolls. Driven by a meteoric rise of consumer electronics devices fueled by the IoT, subscriber device management and security challenges has opened the floodgates to the BSP Managed Services opportunity. The local and dynamic intelligence of the Air 4960R combined with the cloud-based, scalable, and evergreen RemoteManager offers the premier BSP Enhanced Service Delivery Engine.

Harnessing the Home Network with the AirSonics SelFi App

Subscribers bombarding your Help Desk with the same Wi-Fi network questions?

Worse yet, are they not calling you and just changing their service provider and letting you know afterwards on Facebook? With the present consumer device explosion, managing a Wi-Fi network is beyond the pay grade of most subscribers. To harness this once feared technology abyss, subscriber just need the right mobile app. AirSonics SelFi app quickly installs, customizes, and manages their network from palm-central anywhere an internet connection is available. SelFi’s user-friendly design empowers them to see who’s connected and when, create device profiles, update primary and Guest Wi-Fi network passwords, and set parental controls to manage screen times for those who need it. Tired of the millennial’s Xbox cannibalizing all the bandwidth? Automatically prioritize key devices to the express lane with the AirSonics SelFi app.

MagnaFi™ 4960R from AirSonics
MagnaFi™ 4960R from AirSonics

Low Cost End-to-End Design

While a world-class AnyAccess Wi-Fi 6 mesh router, Cloud-based service delivery and management, and user-friendly app is your Managed Wi-Fi entry fee, it won’t guarantee you’ll finish the race

Having all the key components won’t get you in the Managed Services Winner’s Circle if your total cost causes you to blow a gasket along the way. That’s why AirSonics and AirTies meticulously designed our complete service suite with a CFO’s watchful eye on the bottom line. After all, what value does a Managed Services solution bring a BSP if customers aren’t willing to pay for it?

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